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About Us

Edulateral Foundation (EF) is a non-profit society having a base of 8+ years on the back draft of Lateral Education and Adhira Technologies to create educational networks that promote employability and entrepreneurship.  With a national footprint, EF’s programs, online and instructor-led, benefit tens of thousands of learners every year.


01. Training of trainers at ITIs

India has more than 14000 Industrial Training Institutes that have a capacity to train millions of students with career skills. Edunet Foundation, with its corporate sponsors, manages a national train-the-trainer program for this ecosystem in India. EF staff are present at NSTI locations nationally and work with all stakeholders to develop teaching capacity in new areas.

02.Career enabling education for students

In addition to a 2000 hour plus advanced diploma program in IT that covers several hundred students nationally, EF offers a huge number of courses with associated badges and certificates, free online courses to students, through multiple platforms owned by its partners. Between Future Skills Live, SkillsBuild, and Open P-Tech, tens of thousands of students benefit from these programs, each year.

03.Future Skills Accelerator

Since 2022, this program has focused on creating young professional that have the required future skills for 21st-century jobs. Participants are equipped with critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, teamwork, leadership, and time management skills in addition to technical skills. Elements of this program are integrated into all classroom programs offered by Edulateral Foundation.

04.Project Neev

Edulateral Foundation is looking forward to working with K-12 schools, especially those that cater to the underprivileged, to enable access to quality technology and online learning resources. This enables teachers and students at these institutions to access high-quality learning within the school or learn from anywhere.

05.Engineering curriculum upgrade

Domains covered include Embedded Systems, the Internet of Things, Analytics, HPC, and Artificial Intelligence. Institutions are offered all required support for setting up advanced laboratories; developing their faculty resources; and, helping their students learn experientially.

Our Partners

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